Surety and Life Cover

Life cover, surety and valuable assets.

What do all of these have in common? Well, you will never get a Home Loan to purchase your dream home without Life Cover. Is there anything more important than having your own home? You have nothing to show for that hundreds of thousands of Rands you spend in paying rent, except that you helped the owner pay off his/her bond. 


Benefits of Life cover

1. You can buy your own home. Use your Life Cover as Surety. 2.Ensure your Family and loved ones are taken care of Financially when you no longer can.3. You normally have disability cover included as well then. Nobody wants to be disabled and broke.

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  1. You get Multiple Quotes with one easy online application. That way you get the best for less.
  2. All our Life Covers are acceptable to Banking institutions for Home Loan Surety.
  3. You can decide what benefits you truly need to take care of yourself and your family.
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In case you decide to use you Life Insurance for surety.

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Grow your Wealth by using Life Cover as surety to purchase your Assets.

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